Duties and Responsibilities

Cheerleaders are expected to possess a high level of intrinsic motivation and personal accountability. A cheerleader must show the ability to lead, to follow, and to accept constructive criticism from fellow squad members and the coaches. The attitude, dedication, and the enthusiasm of the squad members are just as important as the skills involved in cheering. Our goal is excellence from the squad. Members need to be prepared to train and act accordingly.

All Cheerleaders

1. A cheerleader must be willing to devote 100% of class and practice time cheering. Duties cannot be neglected due to involvement in any other school or personal activity.
Prompt (See Appendix A) attendance at all practices, games, classes, and performances is mandatory.
3. Attendance at summer camp is mandatory; attending all classes, meetings, evaluations, clinics, obeying all camp rules, and wearing approved camp uniform is required.
4. Prompt payment of all fees assessed according to Granite School District guidelines. *If you need to make other arrangements please contact the coach. All fees must be paid by the first day of school. All unpaid fees will be turned over to the school bookkeeper, and subsequently will affect the following year’s try-outs, graduation or yearbook collection.
5. All cheerleaders are required to participate in fund-raising events throughout the year to pay for additional costs.
6. Cheerleaders are responsible for maintaining their uniform and equipment. Additional items and attire will be checked out. Cheerleaders are responsible for ruined, lost and stolen items.
7. Positive attitudes, respect for coaches, and desire to work hard is a necessity and must be maintained at all times.

8. Cheerleaders are responsible for knowing when practices/games are scheduled and which uniform to wear.

Captains – (in addition to All Cheerleaders)

1. Captains must be an example to all members of the squad at all times.
2. Must be able to understand and demonstrate confidentiality.
3. Responsible for squad morale and discipline.
4. Responsible for execution of rules and regulations as provided by the cheer disclosure statement and code of conduct, including but not limited to appearance, performance and disciplinary action if needed.
5. Responsible for communication between squad and coach in the event of questions or other information.
6. Responsible for communication about important upcoming events. Be prepared to hand out reminders about schedules and information.
7. Responsible for posters announcing game times and places.
8. Determine game plans, including time-out cheers and stunting.
9. Be prepared for additional duties as decided by the coaches.
10. Must attend leadership seminars and weekly captains meetings as provided by the coaches.
11. Be in charge of instructional video/DVD and equipment check out.
12.Responsible to teach cheers and dances.
13.Provide encouragement and support in such a way that new cheerleaders feel comfortable asking for help.
14.Responsible for checking and/or clean up of buses.