Failure to comply with the provisions set forth in the Olympus High School Cheer Disclosure Statement will result in disciplinary action, such as probation, suspension, or dismissal (See Appendix A).

1. Eligibility standards must be maintained term by term. If a cheerleader is placed on probation for citizenship or grades, she has one term to increase citizenship and grade points to appropriate standards.
2. Saturday School citizenship classes will not count towards increasing citizenship grades.
3. A cheerleader/Mascot may be put on probation upon notification to cheerleader, administration, and parents.
4. A cheerleader/Mascot can only be placed on probation one time during the year, if standards are not met thereafter or if the cheerleader qualifies for probation again; he/she is subject to immediate dismissal from the squad.
5. Suspension from the squad for disrespectful attitude toward coaches, captains, and other squad members can be implemented at any time at the sole discretion of the coaches.
6. Cheerleaders/mascot found to violate drug and alcohol rules will be disciplined immediately and/or dismissed from the squad at the discretion of the coaches.
7. Behavior in violation of the code of conduct is subject to immediate suspension or dismissal at the discretion of the coaches.
8. Violation of safety guidelines is subject to immediate suspension or dismissal at the discretion of the coaches.
9. Failure to enforce discipline for any infraction or series of infractions does not waive any right of coaches to discipline for the infraction at a later time, or for subsequent violation, or to enforce a cumulative disciplinary action for subsequent violations.



Chronic – Frequent recurrence. Repeatedly.

Courtesy – Being polite, with a marked respect for others.

Dismissal – Removal from the squad, cessation of all activities associated with the Olympus High School Cheer Program, including the cheer banquet.

Effort – Exertion, active endeavor.

Loyalty – Constant faithful allegiance to the squad.

Practice Uniform – Clothes to be worn at cheer camp, class and practices during the year.

Preparedness – To make or get ready beforehand, a state of adequate preparation.

Probation – A period of time where the cheerleader will change the behavior in question that is not in accordance with the disclosure statement or eligibility guidelines.

Prompt – Punctual, being on time, being ready immediately upon arrival.

Repeatedly – More than twice.

Respect – high or special regard, deference

Socializing – Being out of line, not paying attention to the game, discussing dates, gossip, etc.

Suspension – A set number of games (Men’s Athletics) or activities where a cheerleader may not participate.