Code of Conduct

Any action, which brings undue embarrassment to the squad will be grounds for suspension or dismissal from the squad at the sole discretion of the coaches.

1. Abusive language (See Appendix A) during events, competitions, or practices/class will not be tolerated and will be grounds for possible suspension and dismissal from the squad. This includes confrontations with game officials, opposing cheerleaders, coaches, and fans.
2. Loyalty (See Appendix A) to each other and pride in the school and squad must be shown at all times. Courtesy (See Appendix A) to all people must be shown at all times.
3. Respect for officials must be shown at all times and each squad member must have basic knowledge of the game.
4. Squad members will not converse unnecessarily with the student body, spectators, other squad members or the team since this hinders their attention to the game.
5. Respect must be shown during the National Anthem by standing at attention in formation as a squad while facing the flag.
6. Respect must be shown to facilities by cleaning up cheer mess after games.
7. Respect must be shown to teachers and coaches at all times.
8. Drug and alcohol use will not be tolerated at any time.
9. Association with others violating the cheer code of conduct is also unacceptable. For example: If a cheerleader is somewhere and others start to engage in activities that do not meet cheer standards of conduct, he/she should leave that situation immediately.
10. Any behavior that is inappropriate, unethical, or against school rules is grounds for discipline. Cheerleaders are expected to maintain high standards of integrity and good behavior in all activities inside and outside of cheer.
11. All cheerleaders are expected to support each other at all times, regardless of grade level or squad. Mean and spiteful behavior is grounds for dismissal from the squad.