1. Uniforms must be clean and pressed.
2. Cheer shoes must be clean and white.
3. All squad members must have the same uniform look.
NO JEWELRY is permitted ever in cheer, (this includes body jewelry!) Section 2 Article 2 of the NFHS Spirit Rules Book. Safety Issue!
5. Hair is to be pulled up off the face for practice/class, games and performances. Section 2 Article 4 of the NFHS Spirit Rules Book. Bangs must be out of the eyes and hair longer than shoulder length must be in a full ponytail. Safety Issue
NO GUM or candy allowed at any time during practices/class and performances. Rule 2 Article 9 of the NFHS Spirit Rules Book. Safety Issue.
7. Fingernails must be sports length. Nail polish, if worn must be clear or a natural color. Safety Issue
8. Cheer shoes are for practices/class and performances only!
9. Cheerleaders are expected to follow the school dress code at all times and are expected to wear costumes that are designated by the student body officers on activity days.
10. Cheerleaders will not loan out any piece of their uniform to anyone. All parts of the cheer wardrobe should not be worn by anyone other than the cheerleader or for anything other than cheer activities (i.e., poms, body liner, shoes bikers)
11. Cheerleaders are to only wear their uniform on designated days or events. The wearing of the uniform is a representation of our school and must not be worn in any videos, or activities without prior consent and full disclosure of activity to the Coach.
12. Failure to comply with the policies stated above will result in expulsion from the activity and loss of daily points.